Interior & Exterior Paint

Moran Custom Finishes now offers a variety of services for commercial buildings and residential homes. We are very experienced and give our customers the most professional results you can find from other painting companies.

There are a lot of steps that we go through to complete an interior or exterior paint job. Below are some of the services we do for painting projects.

Below are some of the services we do for painting projects.

- Carefully planning and choosing colors schemes. We will let you choose whatever colors you want, but will also give our expert opinion on things when needed to.

- Drywall repair to fix holes and cracks. Caulking is also done to seal any air leaks.

- Sanding all wood that is to be painted or stained.

- Masking and protecting anything that does not need paint.

- Removal of doors, sockets, lights, curtains, etc when required to.

- Cleaning and putting it all back together. Painting is a very messy job, that can be a nightmare for a beginner. Leave it to the experts of Moran Custom Finishes to take care of all the hassle in painting.

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